4 Reasons To Hire a Private Bartender for Your Next Event




Maybe it's someones birthday... or you're coordinating social drinks for your staff... perhaps even an engagement or wedding party... You know who's coming, but where will you choose to host it?

Do you hire out a space at a licensed bar/venue where you have to share it with other patrons, spend a fortune and aren't always guaranteed excellent service?

Or do you create something that's customised to your needs with a memorable impact and available in the comfort of your own home/suitable venue?

Here's a few reasons why we think hiring a private bartender is the way to go for your next event:

No minimum spend for an event: Most venues require an expensive minimum spend to reserve a private space. If you don't use your whole tab, you simply miss out.

Mobile bartender packages are calculated to accommodate for only the guests you have coming. They are more affordable and best of all, if there's alcohol left over, it's yours!

Professional Staffing: Not all hospitality workers are hospitable. We've all been to a venue or two where the staff are obviously not into it, or they are being run off their feet with other guests. Nothing kills a good vibe quite like an uninterested or un-engaging bartender.

Having your own bartender means that attention isn't divided between guests outside of your event. Their sole purpose is making your occasion a success.

For example, at Your Bartender we only hire professional, friendly, outgoing bartenders that love what they do. Just ask any of our previous clients!

It's Super Easy!: All inclusive beverage packages mean that you won't have to do a thing (except enjoy your event of course). You simply state how many people are attending and select what type of beverage pack you want. It's that simple.

There's also free beverage consultation so you can specify exactly what your needs are and clarify any questions before the event.

Fantastic atmosphere: We all know house parties and private functions are way more fun than going out to a public venue. Wouldn't you rather celebrate or mingle in the comfort of your own home or private venue?

With personal bartenders slinging drinks at your next event, it's impossible for it to be anything less than incredible. We guarantee it!

Check out what Your Bartender has to offer.