We truly love what we do. Let us share that with you.

When people do what they are passionate about, the results show. Our cocktail bar catering is true to this.

Get in touch and we can tailor to your event.

  • Complimentary glassware hire
  • Tailored cocktail menu
  • Professional bartenders
  • All ingredients supplied
  • Complimentary bar hire
  • Cheaper than hiring a venue!
  • Aesthetic bar equipment
  • Range of price levels
  • Real people with passion!

Please contact us for a quote, as every event is different.

Very soon, we will list prices of cocktails here. This price will be an estimate cost only, and we will be able to give you an accurate cost breakdown when you get in touch.


Additional items when you book a package

Black folding bar hire where not included - $100 (Normally $250)
Additional staff to help throughout the event - $40/hr (Normally $60)
55L Ice boxes - $20 (Normally $40)



We are not a supplier of liquor. We do not sell liquor. We do not make any profit on liquor. We simply provide the convenience service of delivering pre-ordered liquor that is specifically purchased for your event.

The prices listed per cocktail are an estimate only based on the total cost of ingredients for a batch of cocktails. We will charge you a service fee and a non-liquor related consumables charge. Any liquor that we purchase on your behalf is to be reimbursed at exact cost of goods as it appears on the receipt. We are unable to partially charge you or partially refund you for you any liquor related consumables due to strict liquor laws.