Please take the time to read these!

We get a few of the same questions quite a lot, so here they are in case we forget something.

Q: Can I supply my own alcohol and other ingredients?

A: Yes! In fact we do not usually supply liquor unless under certain conditions. Depending which package you choose, either you or we will supply the other ingredients. We will even help tailor a shopping list to your specific need based on your cocktail selection.

Q: Are there any other costs?

A: We charge a refundable bond on top of the event fee that will be used for any broken glassware or damaged equipment.
If your event is a fair hike from Perth CBD, we pay our staff an additional 0.80c per KM from the CBD (one way) as a travel reimbursement, which will be added to your invoice.

Q: 4 Litres of fresh lime juice sounds like a lot! Can I use supermarket juice to save cost?

A: Unfortunately, absolutely not. The little green squeeze bottles you find in the shops are terrible and you will not be able to make drinks with them, period.


Q: How much will it cost me?

A: Pricing varies depending on the service you require.


Q: How much is glassware hire?

A: We provide complimentary cocktail glassware hire with all of our Cocktail Packages. If you are looking for other glassware, see HERE


Q: Do you take the glassware back with you when you leave?

A: No, your guests can continue to use them for the rest of the night. You can drop them back to us within 5 days, unless prior collection arrangements have been made. Glassware return dirty or stained will incur a fee, as will any other damaged equipment.


Q: What if we break or lose some glasses?

A: We charge cost price plus 10% for our glasses and boxes. That ranges from $5.50 to $12.50 per glass. This will be taken from your bond before return.


Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yep, $20m public liability for your peace of mind.


Q: Will you travel to Margaret River?

A: We have regular clients in Pemberton, Karratha and even Sydney. As long as the travel costs are covered then we will travel where needed! Lodging may need to be discussed for long trips as we cant have our staff driving tired.


Q: Do you need a deposit?

A: Unfortunately, a few unkind souls in the past taught us that we now require a deposit within 7 days of confirming your booking to secure it. We also require full payment including a security bond no later than 14 days prior to event. This security bond will allow for any broken glassware and consumables supplied to be deducted from it prior to refund. - We are very reasonable people, any questions just get in touch.


Q: How many cocktails do you recommend?

A: With our per head option, you can choose up to 3 for the Basic package, 4 for the Classic, or 6 for the Alluring. We will then supply enough for 1 cocktail per person, per hour. Ie 40 people for 4 hours we will supply ingredients for 160 cocktails. We can increase this for a fee. - If you are arranging all your own ingredients, once again we recommend 1 per person per hour as a good base number.


Q: We want to organise everything ourselves but there are a few items i cant seem to find in shops?

A: Let us know; we regularly supply single items such as fresh espresso, lime juice, and the likes.