No matter the occasion, Your Bartender can provide easy, affordable and tasty food options to please even the toughest critic.  

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Hot Platters

Seafood Basket – Fish, Calamari, Crumbed prawns                                                                 Taste of Beijing – Vegetable Spring Rolls, Cocktail Dim Sim, Prawn Toasts, and Steamed Dumplings                                                           Taste of Bombay – Vegetable Samosas, Potato and vegetable Curry Puffs, Tandoori Chicken Tenders                                                                 True Blue – Mini Country Style Pies, Mini Home-style Sausage Rolls                                                 Mixed Satay – Beef Satay, Chicken Satay              Mixed Wings – Choice of Buffalo, Kentucky BBQ, Honey Soy, teriyaki or Salt and Pepper rub


Cold Platters

Cold Antipasto – Continental meats, stuffed olives, Feta, Black Olives, stuffed baby bell peppers, dill pickles, artichoke                          Cold Meats – BBQ Chicken, sliced roast beef, mortadella, Hungarian salami, smoked leg ham  Fruit Platter – Selection of Fresh seasonal fruits Mini Banh Mi - A mixed assortment of Vietnamese Banh Mi Baguettes. Fillings include Pork Belly, Roasted Chicken, BBQ Beef,Tofu Bruschetta - Baguette, tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil, balsamic


Staffing Options


All of our food options can be packaged with experience waitstaff who heat and serve the food, setup table displays and walk around to your guests.                                                           

$299 - 1 x staff. 4 hour package, upto 50 guests, $79 each additional hour                                            $549 - 2 x staff, 4 hour package, upto 75 guests $119 each additional hour