If you would like to just hire some equipment from us and run everything yourself, this is fine! We have all the equipment you may need to make your night a success. We also have a list of additional services that you can add to any of our Diamond or Platinum packages.



Additional services available

Crystal Clear Block Ice (For a super sleek touch on all your drinks)

Bar units (Custom branding/graphics available)

Espresso Coffee Cart 

Complete DJ Packages (www.completeDJ.com.au)

Hangover Helpers (For after the after party)


Bar equipment list - package Price on request

Cocktail shakers


Service trays



Ice buckets & scoops

Electric Citrus Presses

Plastic Tubs

Ice Boxes / Eskies

Tolix Stools

Full Bar Kits For Sale (A range of bar equipment in a bag ready to go!)


Glassware options

Rona Hi-Ball Large (Crystal)

Rona Double Old Fashion (Crystal)

Rona Wine (Crystal)

Champagne Saucers (Round edge martini style)

Champagne Flutes

Tall Collins

Mason Jars with Handles