Professional private bar & wait staff hire in perth, wa.

With an incredibly positive, can-do attitude, we are the go-to team for A-Class bartenders and wait staff.

Our entire team is hand picked. We only employ attentive & vibrant people with a sense of humour, who are able to hold an intelligent conversation with your guests and they also have plenty of common sense.

This means your guests have a great experience and you only have to ask them once to get the job done. Simple as that! Pricing for bar staff and waitstaff is below. 

The below is for staff hire only. Please factor in any setup and pack down time into the booking time.

Professional Bartender Hire

Just as we do with our whole team, our bartenders are selected to work with us for their enthusiasm, proactive thinking and fast work ethic. If you need staff to serve drinks to your guests and look after everything behind the bar, let us help you.

4 hours - $210 | $40/hr thereafter


Professional Cocktail Bartender Hire

If you have all prep, equipment, menus and the rest taken care of, and you just need a professional cocktail bartender to serve drinks on the night, then this option is for you.

Please take into consideration our cocktail packages that include all equipment and preparation, as 4 out of 5 events we attend that DIY cocktails have inferior ingredients or have misunderstood a recipe online.

4 hours - $250 | $50/hr thereafter


Professional Waitstaff Hire

Have an event coming up and need a helping hand to serve those platters? Perhaps pour some champagne? Plate up and garnish some canapes? Or maybe be able to carry a tray of drinks without dropping it?

4 hours - $210 | $40/hr thereafter


Unrestricted Approved Manager Hire

If you need a professional approved manager for your event, we can also assist with this.

4 hours - $275 | $60/hr thereafter


As all our staff do, our waitstaff work in bars and restaurants all over Perth and work with us when they can. They all love what they do and are good at it; this is reflected in the service they deliver.


Looking for cocktail bartenders inclusive of equipment and setup? Check out our COCKTAIL PACKAGES